Top 10 Everyday Skin Care Tips
& Remedies to Fix Everyday Problems

  1. For sensitive skin use strong acne products less often. Often you may be discouraged by a product if it has salicylic acid or other strong ingredients after seeing irritation from days of use. If you have sensitive skin, try building up to using a product daily. If your skin is very sensitive, you may find that you can only use the product every few days.

  1. Blotchy, streaky fake tanner can be fixed! So…you’ve botched your self-tanner job. Don’t worry! Combine lemon juice and salt and use this to eliminate streaks.

  2. Greasy hair product could be causing your acne. Do you have acne that just won’t go away on your forehead? The culprit may be the products that you’re using on your hair. Try wearing your hair away from you face for awhile to see if there is any improvement. If so, you may have to be more careful about the ingredients in your hair products.

  3. Sugar, available almost everywhere, is a great on-the-go exfoliate. If you’re out of town in a hotel and you didn’t pack exfoliator, try using the complimentary packs of sugar. Put a little bit in your hand with your face wash and voila!

  4. If your must pick a blemish, get the right tools. Everyone knows that you’re not supposed to pick at blemishes. But if you insist, try getting a blemish extractor. You can find them at Sephora or at most drug stores.

  5. Shaving cream alternative that still prevent razor burn. If you’ve ever had razor burn your probably are reluctant to shave at all when you’ve run out of shaving cream. As a substitute, try olive oil or hair conditioner.

  6. Makeup rules to follow for acne prone skin. If you’re prone to acne or skin-irritation, be vigilant about clean cosmetics. Only put makeup on when you have a freshly washed face to avoid getting bacteria in your cosmetics. And once a week, wash your cosmetic brushes. You don’t need a fancy brush cleanser, try using a regular makeup removing facial cleanser.

  7. Treat back acne just like blemishes on the face with daily skin care. Back acne or ‘bacne’ can really flare up during the summer time. To address it, try using a body brush with a clarifying cleanser (usually contains salicylic acid) for the body to exfoliate twice a week.

  8. Don’t treat bumps on back of arms like pimples! If you have bumps on the back of your arms or legs that may be keratosis pilaris which is protein buildup on hair follicles. Instead of scrubbing, which may irritate the areas further, try using moisturizers with lactic acid or glycolic acid to reduce the protein build up.

  9. Some dry skin could be due to a lack of vitamins. Have cracks or sores at the corners of your mouth? The issue may be deeper than dry skin. You may have a Vitamin B or Iron deficiency. Make sure you’re taking the right vitamins to keep your skin healthy. A great multivitamin, calcium, omega 3s and folic acid (for women who could get pregnant…accidents happen!) is a great place to start.

While working with Free Beauty Events , our staff gets to try the latest in skincare products and we also get a lot of great skincare tips from our readers. Here are our top ten favorite skincare tips. Enjoy!

By Kristen Jason

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