Makeup Tips for Plus Size or Round Faces:
Accentuate Natural Beauty with the Right Application

Plus size women are often looking for a flattering outfit, to slim their overall appearance. However, few understand they can also slim their face with makeup tips for plus size women. Even if you lose weight, you might still have a round face you find a little fuller than you’d like. If you want makeup tips that will flatter, use these easy makeup style tricks and tips to help make your face look slimmer!

Fuller Face Foundation Shading Tips

To start the slimming process, it’s important to use two different shades of foundation. Choose one that blends with your skin tone and one that just slightly darker. The lighter foundation should be applied to your nose, chin, forehead area and under your eyes.

The darker foundation should be applied to the full areas of your temples and jaw line. Be sure you blend properly, however, so the lines are seamless and your neck doesn’t look as if it’s a lot lighter than the darker contouring shade of foundation you used. There’s nothing worse than having a dark line of foundation, showing a major difference between the color of your jaw and the color of your neck.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips for Round Faces

After applying foundation, make sure your eye brows are in proper proportion with your other features. If your facial features are fairly delicate and small, your eye brows shouldn’t be too strong or defined. However, if you have strong or larger facial features (nose, eyes, lips) then you certainly can go too thin with your eyebrows. If they are too thin, you’ll add visual weight to your face.

If you have a round face, you’ll want a highly arched brow, like what Cameron Diaz might sport. Adding sharper angles with your brows will soften the rounded curves of your face, which will automatically slim your facial area. It’s a great idea to have your eye brows professionally shaped at least once. Then you can maintain the shape the pro gives you by carefully plucking, if you’re not interested in getting them waxed frequently.

Blush & Bronzer: Creating Countouring that Flatters Your Face Shape

In addition to using foundation for contouring, you can also use bronzer to get contouring effects. Simply suck in your cheeks and apply bronzer to the hollow areas. You can also use a darker loose powder if you dislike bronzers. When it comes to blush, be sure to avoid applying it to the apples of your cheeks. Instead, apply the colors on the back of the cheekbone, toward the temple.

After applying bronzer and blush, use natural highlighter techniques to slim the face even more and accentuate your top beauty facial features. Put the highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, under the brow bones and on the bridge of the nose. Just don’t go too heavy with the highlighter, or instead of trying to minimize your problem areas, you’ll just look like a clown.

Remember, while clothing tips can help you visually slim your body, makeup can do the same for your face. You’ll not only visually take off pounds with this makeup guide but you’ll also take off years. To get the makeup face you crave, you don’t need to visit the Sephora or Clinique counter everyday to get expert applications. You can get a slimmer face by using these makeup ideas everyday, all by yourself!

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