Choosing a Fragrance:
Selecting Perfume Scents that Compliment Your Personality

Discover how choosing the right fragrances that inspire, energize or relax you can take a bit of determination. Spending all day at a designer beauty store or department store may be overload for your scent sensors. Fragrances will smell different on every woman because of individual body chemistry. Learn how to find your perfect signature scent with the tips below.
Perfume and Fragrance Tips and Advice Articles

Learn How You Can Receive a
Limited Edition Perfume Sample Each Month

We are in the development stages of creating several new upscale, limited edition fragrances that have yet to be released into the beauty market. As a member of our monthly perfume club you will automatically be sent a new, unreleased 1 ml. fragrance sample each month to try.

History of Perfume
Perfume has always been a vital part of human culture: people have perfumed their hair and bodies with oils, resins, flower and herb extracts and animal scents since earliest history. Discover the origins of perfume fragrances.

Types of Perfume Fragrances: Notes and Differing Costs
Wearing scent is pleasurable; it is an expression of individuality; it attracts mates and makes us nice to be close to. Learn how to identify the different types perfume; you may find you like perfumes from a specific fragrance category.

How to Properly Apply Perfume
Discover the best time to apply your perfume fragrance and how to properly apply perfume to make the scent last longer.

What's Your Fragrance Personality - Choosing a New Signature Scent.
When you choose a perfume, you are expressing something about the way you want to see yourself. Learn how to define your fragrance personality.

Testing a New Fragrance: Trying Perfume Samples and Testers
Searching for a new fragrance? Shopping at the department store perfume counter can tire your nose out. Try bringing several perfume sample testers home of your favorite discount and designer fragrance finds before making a final decision.

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