Best 7 Makeup Tips on Application and Shades for Olive Skin Tones

One of the most longed for skin tones in the world is olive, as most ladies would love to look tan all year round, without trying. If you have natural olive tone, take a look at some of these olive skin makeup and beauty techniques and tips to help you learn how to look your best at all times.

  1. Lucky You! You Can Use Less Makeup
    When you have olive skin, you likely also have naturally dark eye lashes and brows. This usually means you can get away with using less cosmetics and can use your natural beauty for what it's worth. So, many women can practice their 5 minute face by using a moisturizer foundation, a little blush, a little eye highlight cream and lip gloss to get a fresh face look for daytime wear.

  2. Best Cheek Colors for Olive Skin
    Olive skin beauties to need a little pop of color on their cheeks, to look their best. Be sure to try colors like coral, apricot or brown rose. Stick to warm, bright colors that will give your cheeks the pop they need.

  1. Try These Lip Colors for a Punch
    Again, olive skin ladies need a little color on their lips, so even if you like sheer tint lip colors, be sure whatever you choose to use looks bright and vibrant. Colors like bronze, berry, tawny pink or blood red look great on olive skin beauties.

  2. Eye Shadow Color to Play Up Your Dark Lashes
    Although your eyes are likely already highlighted naturally with your dark lashes and brows, eye shadows can help you contour the eye area and make them look even more beautiful. Olive skin toned ladies should use colors like bronze or chocolate brown, in shimmery shades. You can also use deep green, sapphire blues or pale golds. If your eyes are brown, also think about using shimmery plums for a smoky look.

  3. Highlight Your Beautiful Skin Tone
    Many women choose not to use highlighters, but when done properly, highlighting your skin can make you look years younger and fresher than ever before. You can easily highlight olive skin with pale gold or pinky gold highlighters. They will give you a nice glow, without going overboard. You can do this by using laminating liquid highlighter or a compact highlighter. Use the highlighter down the bridge of your nose, under your brow bone and at the top of your cheekbones.

  4. Don't .comet Sunscreen (yes, you still need it with olive skin)
    Although olive skinned beauties have naturally high levels of melanin in their skin and can tan extremely easy, it's still important to wear sunscreen every day. Be sure not only to wear it on your skin, but also your face. It will protect you against wrinkles, sun damage and skin cancer. If you find it overwhelming to add another step into your morning makeup routine, choose a foundation or moisturizer with built in SPF, so you'll be protecting yourself without even thinking about it.

  5. Finding Your Perfect Foundation Shade
    Choosing a foundation for olive skin can be a bit tricky. Many women tend to look too pink or too yellow. The easiest way to choose a foundation is to visit a makeup counter at your local mall or department store. You'll be able to try several colors to figure out which one looks best on you. This allows you to find the shade you need, without buying various different drug store products, only to find none of them are the right color.

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Three Fundamental Skin Care Techniques No Woman Should Skip

(1) Cleanse skin no more than twice daily with a mild cleaner that doesn't over dry you skin. Be sure to use a cleanser meant for your skin type (2) Gently exfoliate your skin on a daily basis to remove dead skin cells and expose newer, healthier glowing skin underneath. (3) Apply a moisturizer. A moisturizer with sunscreen of at least SPF 15 should be applied during the day.

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