Hair Cuts with Layers:
Layered Styles to Flatter Your Face Shape

Layers are a popular choice when it comes to getting a hair cut, for several reasons. Great hair layers can help the hair look fuller and add instant volume to flat hair. They can also help you transition easily from a short style (or a style with bangs) to a longer hair style. They are also very versatile and can be used to create elegant styles, sexy looks or professional hair dos. Use these beauty tips to figure out if hair layers will work for you, depending on these face shape types.

If You Have a Heart Shaped Face

Ladies with a heart shaped face will notice they have a wide forehead and a pointy chin. If you want to balance out your heart shaped face, you can easily add long layers that will instantly minimize the visual size of your forehead and give more width to your chin. Instead of getting blunt or choppy layers, be sure they are subtle and smooth. If you get bangs, be sure they are soft or are swept to the side.

If Your Have a Round Shaped Face

Loads of women hate their round face, but the round face is one of the most beautiful shapes out there. The goal with a round face is to slim it out by making it appear longer. You can do this by adding height to the top of your head, with your hair. Be sure you don’t let curls or layers fall around your cheeks, however. Long layers will work, if you are sure the shortest one doesn’t come above your chin level.

If You Have a Square Shaped Face

If your face shape is square, you can wear layers, but they must be wispy and of medium length. The idea is to make your face look longer and rounder than it is. Just be sure you steer clear of straight across the forehead bangs or chin length bobs with layers.

If You Have a Oval Shaped Face

If you have an oval face, your locks will look fantastic with long layers. Your face is much longer than it is wide, which means you obviously don’t want a hair cut that will make your face look any longer. So, be sure you avoid short or spiky layers on top and only go with long layers all over.

Layers, Hair Texture and Styling Tips

Layers can be beautiful on all hair types, from straight to wavy, to curly. They have an interesting way of making thin hair look fuller and full of bounce and can even be strategically used to make thick hair appear a little less out of control. In addition, they are one hair style technique that requires very little additional hair care of products to maintain.

For a sexy look with layers, simply wash, dry and add pomade wax to create sexy pieces and chunks of layers. For a more subtle look you can flat iron layers so they blend nicely with the rest of your hair. You can also wear layers up, down or even half and half, which allows them to keep your hair versatile for any occasion!

While hair layers work with most face shapes, it’s important to get the type and length of layers which will flatter your face shape the most. Talk with your stylist about their opinions and choose a layered hair style that will play up your features and give you the hair boost you’ve been looking for.

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