Hair Styles, Cuts and Lengths
that Work With Your Face Shape

You want to change your hair style, but aren't sure what would look best. Should you keep it long or cut it short? Will cutting your shoulder length hair make it wavy, curly or frizzy? Are extensions an option? Was your mom right when she said you had a square face and should never wear bangs?

Face shape is crucial in getting the most flattering hair cut. Celebrity clients spend thousands of dollars on the best stylists at the best salons, but you don't have to. The easiest way to find your face shape is to pull any bangs off your forehead into a clip, take a lipstick or a magic marker and outline your face in the mirror. Draw what you see, not what you think, and you may be surprised. Step back and consider the shape on the mirror as only a geometric design. Is it…

Face Shapes

Oval (most common face shape)
Heart Shaped

If you Have an Oval Face Shape

If you look at most models and actresses, you'll notice that their faces tend to be oval. Oval faces look good in pretty much any hairstyle, especially styles that show off that perfect shape. Don't get bangs, and don't wear your hair in your face. For everyone else, hairstyles may be used to create the impression of having a "perfect" oval face. But you can also use your hairstyle to play up your best features regardless of your face shape.

Hair Cuts for Round Faces

There are two ways to address hairstyles for a round face. One way is to accentuate the roundness even further, with a bowl-shaped haircut, which can be very beautiful on the right woman. There's something widely appealing about transforming an unusual characteristic into a real feature, and playing up a round face is one way to be very much your own person, stylistically speaking. But if you don't want your face to look as round, choose a hair style that lengthens the look of your face. Have the top layered for fullness and height, and thinned out below the cheekbones to give the illusion of a narrower chin line. Go with medium to long hair. If you don't mind the extra time, running your hair through a straightening iron can be an extra sleek & sophisticated look.

Rectangular Face Hair Styles

A long, narrow face can be rounded a bit by hair that's kept short to medium in length, with wispy bangs. Fuller sides from the forehead to the middle of the cheekbones widen the face, and layers add fullness and volume to the hair. Long hair and center parts accentuate rectangular face shapes, making them appear longer.

Flattering Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

You can have a lot of fun with new hair styles. The key here is to get a style with more fullness lower on the face, around the chin, and less fullness at the forehead. Sweep your hair back to show off your fabulous cheekbones. Short hair doesn't work as well on a heart shaped face, because it puts the emphasis at the top of your head. Keep your hair at least chin length, and light and wispy around the forehead.

Hair Lengths for Triangular Faces

If your chin or jaw is wider and your forehead narrower, add weight to the top of your head with layers that create fullness, thinning as it approaches the jaw. The shag was made for the triangular face! Short hair looks nice on a triangular face. Long hair doesn't work as well, but if you're attached to your hair and can't bear cutting it, try styles that pull your hair back as it falls below your cheekbones.

Elongate a Square with the right Hair

The square face can be elongated somewhat by added height on the top of the head. Layers on the crown and parting your hair off center help to reduce a square look. Wispy bangs and temples soften the squareness too, and may add roundness. Wavy hair adds to the softening effect; straight lines, straight bangs and straight or flat hair are to be avoided. Short or medium hair looks nice. Don't let any haircut end at your jawline.

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