Beauty Ideas Inspired by French Fashion & Designers

When most people think of French fashion, they think of classic, sexy and elegantly dressed women and men. France is one of the major fashion hubs of the world and is often looked to for fashion forward chic styles from designers and fashionistas all over the globe.

French women are obsessed with designer label clothing and quality accessories. They are not afraid of the latest trend but always trust the runway show to lead them toward fashion heaven, instead of following an off-runway fad. If you want to dress like the classy lady you are, take some tips from these French fashion basics. Remember, you don’t have to live in Paris to dress like a legendary Parisian girl!

French Fashion

Invest In Basics: French Fashion Must-Haves

If you want to look like a French fashionista, you must invest in a handful of timeless apparel pieces to get you through any life situation which might come your way. Most fashion experts recommend the following simple wardrobe pieces be purchased.
  • Stylish trench coat (choose from neutrals like black, beige, white, ivory)
  • Black pumps
  • Crisp white shirt
  • Little black dress
  • Ballet flats or loafers
  • Designer handbag
  • Properly fitted bra
  • Slim skirt
  • Dark boot-cut jeans
  • Luxury sunglasses
  • Tailored blazer
  • Red scarf

Add Your Personal Flair

While the basic pieces of your wardrobe are quite simple and natural, French fashion is also about adding your own personal style to your clothing. Whether you love chic clothing or bohemian styles, you should add what you like to your outfits. Figure out what looks best on your body type and go with it. Keep the basic layout of the outfit classically French-inspired but use your accessories to play up your personality. Hit a local boutique to look for French inspired scarves, broaches, shoes or pins.

Be Conservative & Keep It Simple

French women have a very lovely way of keeping their fashion conservative, yet sexy. If you want to dress more like the French, be sure to keep it classic and conservative. Never show too much skin and instead add sex appeal by wearing a fitted pencil skirt and your hair up in an updo. Keep your look simple, without adding a multitude of patterns, stripes or bold colors to your appearance. French women feel things like sequins, ruffles or other bold fashion choices can simply ruin a chic fashion intention.

Dress To Impress, Always!

French women are always well-dressed. Whether they are headed to a social event or stopping by the grocery on the weekend, they always look put together and fashionable. Sure, they may not wear their little black dress to the market but instead of a sweat suit and tennis shoes, they will show up in dark boot cut jeans and a pair of ballet flats.

French Fashion Isn’t Only About Clothing

To capture the essence of French fashion and beauty, the assignment doesn’t stop at the clothing alone. The chic French image goes far beyond just what you wear on your body. The daily or weekly beauty routines French women undergo are also a huge part of the fashion French role. French women love to smell expensive, so be sure to find a French-inspired perfume you can wear on a daily basis. Be sure your nails and toenails always look manicured and polished. Experiment with youthful haircuts and color which carry a chic style with them. Wear lingerie to not only hide your flaws (shape wear) but also to make you feel sexy under your classic French styled clothing. Lastly, always adhere to a quality skin care regimen, keeping your skin soft and flawless as you age.

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