Business Casual Dress Code:
Styling Tips & Clothing for Women in the Workplace

Business casual attire ranges from coat and tie to well-pressed jeans, with the moderate range being chinos and Oxford shirts. But those conventional dress codes are for men: women usually look too casual in chinos, and in trying to find a semi-professional look, the proper business casual office wardrobe can become a confusing quagmire of bad fashion choices.

Skirts are Considered Better for Women

If you want to stay on the upper end of business casual, your best bet is to wear skirts more often than pants to work. As sexist as it is, people of both genders and all ages still perceive women to be better-dressed (and thus, more professional-looking) when wearing skirts. Business casual means you don't have to shell out the big bucks for a suit-skirt: you can go with slightly tailored chino, cotton, linen or wool skirts. Like professional skirts, business casual skirts should fall slightly below or above the knee, with occasional forays into long skirts being acceptable in autumn and winter. Mini-skirts should not be part of the business casual wardrobe; nor should midriff-baring tops, running shoes, or anklets.

Business Casual Attire on a Budget

Women's Business Casual Clothes
Large selection of business casual clothing for budget concious women.
Women's Plus
Size Office Wear

Plus Size Business Casual Fashions
Look the part at the office in these plus size, dress code appropriate outfits.
Women's Business Casual Shoes

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