How to Apply Bronzer:
Get a Natural, Healthy, Sun Kissed Look

The negative effects of UV rays on the skin likely has you thinking twice before choosing to tan out in the sun or even at the tanning salon. Of course, even if tanning may harm your skin chances are you still long to be bronze. While you can effectively find self tanning lotions and self tanning sprays to use at home, or even hit the salon to get a professional spray tan session, to get a natural sun kissed look on your face area, you can use bronzers.
While using a bronzer to get a natural glow in a safe and healthy way, follow these easy application tips. It may take a little practice to avoid getting a dirty or fake look, but once you know the secrets on how to apply bronzer properly, you’ll love the results!

Step 1: Choose Your Bronzer Product

The entire purpose of using a bronzer cosmetic in your makeup routine is to darken your skin, just slightly. Thus, when choosing a bronzer, be sure not to choose a shade that’s too dark for your natural complexion color. Ideally, you want a bronzer that’s only about two shades darker than your current skin tone. Those with fair or light skin should look for a honey-colored bronzer, those with medium skin can go with a rose bronzer or a gold bronzer and those with dark skin should use a tawny or amber bronzer product. If you’re blonde, go for a pinker bronzer and if you’re brunette you can try an orangey bronzer.

You can find expensive bronzer products from high-end makeup lines or more affordable bronzers from brands like Cover Girl and Neutrogena. It’s recommended to try a cheap mineral bronzer to begin with, so you won’t be worried about wasting it during your practice sessions.

Step 2: Prepare Your Skin And Pick Your Bronzer Brush

Before you apply the bronzer, you will need to prepare your skin. Exfoliate your skin lightly while in the shower beforehand, then put on your normal moisturizer. Wait until the lotion has dried completely before beginning. Next, you will need to pick your brush. A wide, fluffy powder brush will work best. Look for one with a rounded top and one that’s not too small or stiff. Brushes out of sable are the best, as they made of are natural fibers.

Step 3: Apply Powder Foundation for a Sun Kissed Look

Instead of using foundation, when you want to use a bronzer it’s best to stick with a powder base. Any extra moisture (often found with liquid foundation) can cause the bronzer to streak or look muddy. To get a great even application, apply a light coat of powder base. If you prefer liquid, cream or stick foundation you can try the process with it, as if your skin is dry it may turn out just fine.

Step 4: Swirling the Bronzer Makeup And Applying

Swirl your brush into the bronzer, getting just a little onto the brush. Then tap off the excess bronzer or rub the brush on a clean tissue to get rid of any extra color you won’t need. Look at your face and think about the areas of your skin where you naturally tan first. Use light strokes to apply the bronzer to the top of the forehead area, down the nose and along the top of the cheek bones. You can also do a small amount on your chin, neck and chest areas. Be sure to start light and only add if you find you need more color. But, before adding more be sure to check the bronzer results in the daylight to be sure you’re getting a natural look. If you find you’ve applied too much bronzer, use a cotton ball to apply a little of your foundation or powder base over it to lighten it up.

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